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SST Youth Group Program

Shotgun sports is the journey that we share. Our youth will take these lessons to school, their first job, their friends and family. This happens because of a structured program and dedicated instructors that give knowledge and experience to future generations of shotgun shooters - today’s collegiates, juniors and sub juniors. It's all about becoming a true sportsman or sportswoman and how to gracefully accept both victory and defeat. The youth are the life blood and future of shotgun sports. The Youth Program focuses on how to deal with the fears, physical differences, mental differences, equipment differences, and learning for young shooters. The program works with youth of all ability levels. To educate, promote and encourage safety fair competition, respectful behavior and good grades.

The Structured Program Consists of :

  • Safety (Participants should have completed a Hunter Safety Program)
  • Gun Types: Pump, Automatic, Over/Under & Side by Side
  • Ammunition and Chokes
  • Eye Dominance
  • Gun Fit (patterning plate)
  • Mount and stance
  • Intro into all shotgun games
  • Instruction and target techniques
  • Competition – games and formal registered shoots
  • Practice, log books
  • Good Grades

We meet twice a month, usually the first Sunday of each month and the forth Saturday of each month.  The meetings/practice are held at the SST Club, and start around 2 PM. They run about 1.5 hours and parents and guests are welcome to come and observe. Please check the Schedule page for details as times and location can change as needed

For these meetings/practices, SST will provided the Facilities, Shotguns, Clay Targets and Ammunition free of charge, but feel free to bring your shotgun if you have one that you want to use. There is no cost to join the youth group and you do not have to be a member of SST or the NRA for your youth to participate. However, to become a member of the SST competitive youth Team the "Ravens" you must be a SST member and "Pay to Play". Ravens members are exempt from the $50 SST membership initiation fee.

On any Sunday, any current family membership youth, under the age of 18, can shoot (2) Free Rounds (a round is 25 clay pigeons) of clay targets (guns & ammunition not provided by SST).